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Friends of Linden

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Since the release of our first vintage in 1988, we have relied on the curiosity, enthusiasm, and loyalty of our customers. As we have flourished, so has our community of wine lovers. On weekends, when facilities can get crowded, we reserve our terrace, deck, and grounds for these Friends of Linden. This helps us preserve the beauty, tranquility, and intimacy of our unique setting, while thanking our dedicated customers.

Please join the Friends of Linden. Anyone who purchases one 12-bottle case at the vineyard automatically becomes a Friend of Linden for a year. By purchasing a case on your first visit, you immediately become a Friend.

Benefits include:

  • 10% case discount

  • Free regular tastings for Friends of Linden and their guests (up to four people)

  • Access to the terrace and deck on Saturdays and Sundays. After tasting, Friends of Linden and their guests may take the opportunity to relax and purchase their favorite wine and enjoy it on our deck overlooking the vines and the valley. During the winter months the enclosed part of the deck is heated with a wood stove. We take pleasure in pairing our wines with food, and we are big supporters of small, sustainable, regional farming. As a result, we offer a small selection of local artisan cheeses and other specialties that pair wonderfully with our wines.

  • Advance notice of vintner dinners, seminars, and new wine releases

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